Ice Dam Removal

Commercial and Residential Roof Ice Dam Removal

Ice on roofs, eaves, and soffits can cause serious structural damage to the interior of your home or business. Ice dams force water to go underneath roof shingles and flow behind vapor barriers and walls. It then enters your home or business and saturates everything it touches — insulation, drywall, carpeting, furnishings, etc. Often you don’t see the damage because it is hidden behind walls or in the attic, but it is there. Over time water damage from ice dams can cause toxic black mold to enter your home or business which creates a health risk for persons of all ages living or working in the structure.

BIG GUNS Power Washing can remove ice dams before the damage begins if you contact us as soon as you notice snow and ice building up on your roof. Don’t wait until you see water entering the building!


To protect you home and office from water damage caused by ice dams call us today!

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