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Why Take Your Crew Away from Painting?

Preparing a structure for a new coat of paint can be a long process. Power washing the exterior can remove the dirt and grime, but did you know that the water pressure on commercial equipment can be set powerful enough to remove the peeling paint as well. That’s where BIG GUNS Power Washing can help you save time and money!

BIG GUNS Power Washing has the equipment that goes beyond store bought power washers. Our commercial-grade equipment not only cleans building exteriors, its water pressure can be set powerful enough to remove unwanted peeling paint without damaging the building’s exterior.

Having Restoration Specialists from BIG GUNS Power Washing go to job sites before your painting crew not only saves you money by not having to pay employees to leave one job site to power wash another, it also keeps your crew doing what they do best — painting.

When your crew arrives at a job site after BIG GUNS Power Washing they will find that all mold and mildew has been removed from the building’s exterior as well as almost all of the peeling paint. This saves your crew the time and energy they would have used scraping the paint off of the structure.

BIG GUNS Power Washing uses only the best environmentally friendly cleaners available to commercial power washing specialists, so plant material surrounding the structure are safe from chemical harm. In addition, we cover the surrounding area with plastic to catch falling paint chips, so garden areas, walkways, and driveways stay clean.

Having experience in the painting industry, BIG GUNS Power Washing understands the needs of painting contractors and we work hard to meet those needs. We offer affordable pricing, on-time service guarantees, and quality workmanship.

We look forward to establishing a long-term business relationship with your company today!

Painting Contractors

Before Paint Removal

Painting Contractors

After Paint Removal


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