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Property Management is a BIG Job. . .and BIG GUNS can help!

Managing the exterior maintenance of commercial and residential property can be a big job and BIG GUNS Power Washing can help you in many ways.

First, BIG GUNS Power Washing offers weekly, monthly and annual monitoring services. This is extremely helpful if the property you are managing has been targeted by graffiti. Although the simplest form of correcting the problem is to paint over it, in most cases you are just providing the graffiti artist with a new canvas. The real way to get rid of graffiti is to eliminate it as soon as it happens — the sooner the better. If the graffiti artist knows their work will be removed within hours of its creation the task of creating it becomes useless because the artist knows that no one will ever get a chance to see it. As such, the artist will look for another building where they know their ‘art’ will last longer.

Second, the exterior appearance of residential and commercial buildings directly affects the building’s desirability since no one wants to live in a dirty home, or work and/or run a business in a dingy commercial establishment. Having a clean structure, and clean surrounding areas such as clean walkways and driveways, shows others you have pride in the appearance of the property you manage and that you that you appreciate quality service . . . and as such it makes sense that future tenants and residents will know that they can count on you to delivery quality services to them as well. Having BIG GUNS Power Washing on call 24/7 assures the property you manage will always present the finest exterior presence possible.

Third, BIG GUNS Power Washing offers discount programs to residential condominiums, developments, and associations — as well as substantial discounts to commercial property management companies.


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