It’s All About Curb Appeal!

Power washing is the easiest and most affordable way to increase property value, yet it is widely overlooked by those looking to sell their residential and commercial property. Power washing rejuvenates building exteriors making it more inviting to potential buyers. Over time exteriors tend to lose their luster without the owner even realizing it. Therefore, it is in your sellers best interest if you look at their property with a critical eye and evaluate the curb appeal, or lack thereof, based on the cleanliness of their property.

Is the property exterior dingy due to the accumulation of dirt, mold, or mildew? Are the gutters streaked with black marks? Is there algae, moss, or mildew on the roof? How about the driveway, is it covered with grease and oil stains? And the walkway, is it clean and inviting, or is it discolored by years of environmental debris such as dirt, mud, and grass stains? Failure to look at property with a critical eye can needlessly cost your sellers money they could be putting in their pocket.

It’s no secret, clean properties sell faster and are more likely to get the seller’s asking price. BIG GUNS Power Washing services are focused on providing the very best possible exterior appearance or your seller’s property, encouraging potential buyers to come inside.

Please encourage your sellers to think carefully about the potential payback they will receive as a result of a small investment in power washing their property.



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